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July 15 2013

0471 6a91
hipster, dog, mustache

Image size: 422x281
7666 61a6
fashion, dog, love

Image size: 550x550
7668 1cce
cute, black and white, puppy

Image size: 720x478
4227 95b6
perritos, pupaa, dog

Image size: 460x700
4228 06eb
cool, sleeping, cute

Image size: 640x426
4229 1596
baby, black and white, pretty

Image size: 612x612
2834 8ef6
animal, dog, cute

Image size: 920x681
2835 e5b1
animal, beautiful, sweet

Image size: 500x748
2837 c5a9
animal, dog, lovely

Image size: 920x657
2838 be02
color, secret, dog

Image size: 400x294
1398 5e84
adorable, beautiful, cute

Image size: 500x500
0388 e1d0
amazing, animals, dog

Image size: 450x343
0390 8b5b
cuteness, adorable, cute

Image size: 720x522
0391 35b3
beach, beautiful, cute

Image size: 416x596
7215 ebe8
adorable, beach, dog

Image size: 500x500

July 14 2013

4139 e0f0
dog, lovely, cute

Image size: 500x375
4140 9cbe
animals, cute, dog

Image size: 500x500
4141 f4fb
dog, white, wolf

Image size: 500x750
5487 8334
beautiful, black, dog

Image size: 401x600

July 10 2013

4534 476f
beer, dog, vodka

Image size: 500x405
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